​​​​​​​Karen Pryce


International Clairvoyant


Gain direction, clarity, and empowerment through soul connections


Karen is a popular international Clairvoyant Medium, based in Somerset, with over 25 years experience. She has given thousands of private readings over the years. She has gained Popularity and Recognition for her work. Karen is available for Private Readings and Workshops. Karen believe's that a reading should be a relaxing and uplifting experience.


Treasured Wisdom Oracle Cards by Karen Pryce


"I spoke with Karen recently as a referral from one of of my closes friends. I was looking for some guidance as I had recently went through a trying year but also a period of growth. She brought through my grandmother who within ten minutes gave me the affirmation that Karen was the real deal. My grandmother spoke of the ring I wear on a daily basis that was once hers, the glassware I keep in my house that was hers as well. It was comforting to hear that she was by my side and also how much she approved of my husband as she only met him once before she passed. She knew things about my career, personality and family life. One funny detail she brought up is that I would be getting a new fur addition to my family. As of two days ago I started fostering two kittens which certainly wasn't planned! I would 100% talk to Karen again most likely sooner then latter. I would recommend her to anyone. You wont be disappointed. Karen thank you for your time and your kind words."

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Working hours:
Monday to Friday 0930-2100
Saturday 1100-1600
Sunday Rest Day
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