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Over the last 25 years Karen has, given countless readings, helped thousands of people from all walks of life with the various obstacles or decisions they have faced in their lives - whether those obstacles or decisions relate to their personal decisions, relationships, careers, businesses, or the passing of loved ones, you need look no further. Karen is able to guide you in any area you wish to explore. 

Face to face

and Skype Readings

Each reading method is just as in-depth and accurate as the other. Once you have decided how you would like your reading, simply register and book an appointment with Karen through this website. Once registered your booking you will receive an email confirmation, you can also track, change or cancel your appointments yourself.

When did I know I was a Clairvoyant?

People always ask me when did I know I was Clairvoyant, my answer to this, from a very young age. I always believed everyone was able to see and hear things that I did. Angels are in our lives to help us in many ways, and the angels in my life helped me to give inspirational guidance, and love to the many people who have come for readings. It is my intention to demonstrate my personal belief that life continues after death and that as a Natural Clairvoyant, I am able to act as a communicator between this world and the spirit world.

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Monday to Friday 0930-2100
Saturday 1100-1600
Sunday Rest Day
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