Private Reading

In Person

This is an in-depth hours reading, which can cover a range of subjects home, work, finances, travel, love, and relationships.

Clairvoyant Encaustic Readings

The technique used in a clairvoyant Encaustic painting is a method of using vibrant coloured wax, and a heated iron, this wax is applied to special glossed paper, a sealant is used to protect and lock the colours, which is yours to keep after your reading. Its very easy to do, and you don't need to be an artist to create something unique and beautiful.

Private Events / Group Readings

I am available for readings for groups of 5 plus people for a special event held at your home (within 20 mile radius). This will be priced per application. To inquire about booking me for a private event, please contact me here.

30 Minute / 60 Minute Skype Reading

Karen is not only able to offer face-to-face readings but also clairvoyant readings via Skype, so it doesn’t matter where you live.

Soul Plan

Your Soul Plan will help you understand yourself better, give clarity and answers, and offers direction life purpose, it will help you reach your full potential of your own unique path which acts as a catalyst for the universe to bring forth people, opportunities, and situations which enable one to fulfil their Soul’s plan

Hospitality Evening

If you have a small group of guests, interested in a reading and would like me to visit your home, this can be easily be arranged.(However, please note visits over 50 miles from my base will be charged extra for fuel. Please contact me directly for pricing and numbers of people)

Dynamic Clairvoyant Sessions

Using my natural clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities in combination with channeling and using a selection of oracle cards, I offer professional Readings in the UK and Internationally.

Looking to book a reading?

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