Soul Plan

Karen is a Soul Plan Practitioner offering Soul Plan readings. So what is a Soul Plan reading?

This is derived from Blue Marsden Author and founder of London Holistic Healing College. Your Soul Plan will help you understand yourself better, give clarity and answers, and offers direction life purpose, it will help you reach your full potential of your own unique path which acts as a catalyst for the universe to bring forth people, opportunities, and situations which enable one to fulfil their Soul’s plan.


Every letter of your birth name, including any middle names, as it would be on your Birth Certificate. This holds its own unique vibration, which is blue print within your name, this process is very powerful, and all the preparation is always done prior to your appointment.analysed and converted into the Hebrew, numerology, and channeling, which unlocks the


The reading will take an hour, the preparation prior to your appointment takes several. You will have a pull comprehensive print out of your Soul Plan which will be emailed over to you if you choose a Skype reading. In person, reading will receive the same as above. Recording of your reading can be done via your mobile phone or you can write notes.


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